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Heroic heights and awesome depths


Judean Lowlands


US$ 600 (excluding transportation and food and drink costs and entry fees to the national park)

Important information

This tour is possible either in your hired car or with a luxury car and driver (typically NIS 2,200 for the day). Please note that due to the nature of the sites visited and the walking involved (lots of steps to climb, rewarded by amazing views), this tour may not be suitable for individuals with limited mobility. However, alternative arrangements can be made upon request.


7 hours including a 1 hour lunch break

Awesome sights offered by nature, God and the ingenuity of man in the Judean lowlands, the shphelah which was the scene of Biblical battles (the boy shepherd and the giant).

1. Tel Azekah - Overlooking and recounting the battle of David and Goliath in the Valley of Elah
2. Maresha - Sidonian Cave. Hellenistic burial caves with endearing exotic and mythical animal paintings and love-letter graffiti in Greek
3. Beit Guvrin Bell Caves - Mind your head going in! No, not that kind of cave. More like a cathedral. A subterranean city of caves dug over the course of 1800 years
4. Beit Guvrin Roman Amphitheatre - Wonderfully preserved Roman amphitheatre, presented in a thoughtfully child-friendly manner, but impressive for all ages
5. Stalactite Cave Nature Reserve - Lots of steps down and then up but worth the effort. Stunning caves and a gorgeous nature reserve

Some optional extras to add to your tour:
Flam Winery - Optional extra: celebrated kosher winery offering a tasting menu (excellent cheeses). Delightful breezy terrace with views over the vineyard
Naya Restaurant, Beit Nekofa - Further optional extra bookable in advance. Great atmosphere, fresh and colourful ingredients, real Asian flavours (which are rare in Israel) with delicious tastes and textures

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